4 commenti su “Concerto per flauto in re maggiore KV deest: prova d’ascolto

  1. It’s Anders here! perhaps I can answer some of your questions about the piece and the “reconstruction.” I feel like I would rather call what I produced a “re-imagining” rather than a “re-construction” based on the process and sources that I worked from.

      • Yes, here are in summary the main questions I’ve asked myself on this composition:

        1) Could you please tell me in what year the concerto fragments were discovered? I have looked for this information for a long time, but in vain.
        2) I have read on this site that the fragments were recovered in Paris and Wroclaw. But which parts exactly of them were found in these two towns?
        3) Approximately, how much of the music (themes, sections) belongs to the extant fragments and how much of it belongs to your completion?
        4) What do you think about this concerto in terms of quality and style? Could it have been written by a Mozart contemporary (e.g. Wendling)?
        5) Out of curiosity, do you know whether the project “Mozart Opera Omnia for flute” (see here), including the Concerto K. deest, is actually ongoing? I didn’t find any other news about it.

        Please let me know 🙂


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